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ベトナム賭博を合法化 サッカー

19-06-2018 ベトナムニュース Trendnex - avatar Trendnex

By Trendnex 文化スポーツ省は、ベトナムで許可されているフットボール賭博のリストを正式に発表した。法的賭博のリストには、ワールドカップ2018、UEFAチャンピオンズリーグ2018、 東南アジアフットボール選手権2018; AFFカップ2018; FIFAクラブワールドカップ、ASIAD 2018...

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Decisions No. 1627/QD-NHNN selecting the banks serve the program "Support for the development of power sector reform policy stage 2" borrow money from the World Bank (WB) by the Governor of the State Bank of Vietnam signed on 08.24.2012. The State Bank of Vietnam Industrial and Commercial Bank (VietinBank) as banks for this program.

Financing Agreement and the Loan Agreement for the Programme "Support for the development of power sector reform policy stage 2" (DPL2) include: Financing Agreement (loan of SDR 64.5 million - equivalent to $ 100 million USD from International Development Association - IDA) and the loan Agreement (loan of $ 100  million USD of Bank of Reconstruction and International Development - IBRD).

The goal of the program is to support Vietnam to deploy competitive electricity market, power sector restructuring and building new electricity tariffs in order to encourage effective competition, timely investment in the power sector, especiallyon the stage of power generation and improve the efficiency of electricity use in order to achieve the goal of providing enough electricity for the economy with the lowest cost. At the same time, in association with the aim of improving the standard of living of the people to establish electricity prices for the poor and rural electrification.