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Vietnam want to purchase 18 Su-30K


The group of Vietnam military experts go to Belarus expressed desire to buy 18 Su-30K aircraft modernize the Su-30KN standard.

This will be the first time there are two companies of Russian weapons in Vietnam market. Previously, the delivery of Su-30 aircraft for Air Force Vietnam were conducted in the aircraft factory Aviation Association in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, a member of the Corporation National Aeronautics Russia (UAC). 18 Su-30K aircraft are located in Belarus and owned by the Corporation Irkut aviation, the company is part of the UAC.

For 18 Su-30K aircraft in Belarus, the price will be $ 270 million (about $ 15 million for an aircraft has been modernized), compared with the current value of the 18 new Su-30 (more than $ 1 billion).

In 1996, Russian technology was not sufficient to generate 18 advanced fighter jets Su-30MKI aircraft that India has offered to buy. So Russia has produced with the abbreviated configuration Su-30K. But then India has asked to replace the Su-30K aircraft by a similar number of Su-30MKI aircraft more advanced configuration and return 18 Su-30K for Irkut Corporation.