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923/QĐ-TTG decision approving the Proje…

07-07-2020 Hits:358 Business Trends TrendnexBiz - avatar TrendnexBiz

Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung has just signed the Decision 923 / QD-TTG on June 30, approving the Project "Application of information technology in transport management and administration, focusing on the road sector". Decision's 2025 targets: -100% of highways applying intelligent traffic system (ITS). - Establish centers for intelligent traffic management and operation  in big cities. - ETC deployment at all toll plazas on national highways.

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FinanceAsia Country Awards 2019

20-05-2019 Hits:1264 Business Trends TrendnexBiz - avatar TrendnexBiz

The Winners from Vietnam Best Bank: Vietcombank. Best Investment Bank: SSI Best Broker: SSI Best DCM House: Techcom Securities Best ECM House: SSI Best International Bank: HSBC Best International Investment Bank: Credit Suisse.  

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Vietnam e-business index 2019

29-04-2019 Hits:1416 Business Trends TrendnexBiz - avatar TrendnexBiz

According to the "Vietnam E-Business Index 2019" reportof Vietnam E-Commerce Association,  Vietnam E-Business starting point of about 4 billion USD in 2015 but average growth rate for three consecutive years, the scale of the e-commerce market in 2018 was about 7.8 billion USD. If the growth rate of 2019 and 2020 continues to be at 30%, by 2020 the market size will have reached 13 billion USD. This market included online retailing, online travelling, online marketing, online entertainment...

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