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I. TECHNICAL INFRASTRUCTURE (Transport, Power, Urban and Industrial Parks)

I.1. Transport infrastructure


I.1.1. Road


1. Ninh Bình-Thanh Hoa-Nghi Sơn Route of The North-South Highway


2. Dau Giay-Phan Thiet Highway


3. Bien Hoa - Vung Tau Highway


4. Trung Luong - My Thuan Highway


5. Ring road No.3 in Ho Chi Minh city form Tan Van to Nhon Trach


6. Noi Bai – Ha Long Highway


7. Cam Lo - La Son Highway


8. National Road No.19  from Ba Gi Junction to Plei ku city


9. Ring road III of Hanoi city, Route from Mai Dich to Southern Thang Long


10. Upgrading  the National Road 91, Route from Can Tho  to Lo Te


11. Inter-port road  in Nhon Trach, Dong Nai Province


12. Dau Giay-Lien Khuong Highway


13. Bus station at Cho Lon, Ho Chi Minh city


14. Route from central city of Quang Ngai to Dung Quat II Port


15. Infrastructure of  non-tariff zone in  Dong Dang (Phase 1), Lang Son border gate




I.1.2. Railways


16. Railway into Hai Phong Int'l port


17. Bien Hoa – Vung Tau railway


18. Upgrading the  Hanoi – Hochiminh City railway route


19. Hanoi urban railway route 6 (from the center of Hanoi to Noi Bai Airport)




I.1.3. Airports


20.  Quang Ninh Airport


21. Long Thanh International Airport (phase 1)


22. Cam Ranh Int'l Airport


23. Lao Cai Airport




I.1.4. Sea ports


24. The  phase 1 of Van Phong int'l port


25. Lien Chieu port




I.2. Power infrastructure


26. Factories producing new energy and renewable energy equipment


27. Dung Quat coal-fired thermal plant


28. Binh Dinh power centre




I.3. Urban infrastructure


I.3.1. Urban transportation


29. Fly-over line 1


30. Fly-over line 2


31. Fly-over line 3


32. Monorail No.2


33. Monorail No.3


34. Ground tram line no 1


35. Urban Metro No.6






I.3.2. Urban water supply


36. Song Hau 1 water supply facility


37. Song Hau II water supply facility, Chau Thanh


38. Song Da water supply facility (phase II)


39. Song Duong water supply facility




I.3.3. Urban solid waste treatment


40. Nam Son solid waste treatment area


41. Huong Van solid waste treatment area


42. Binh Nguyen solid waste treatment area


43. Cat Nhon solid waste treatment area


44. Northwestern Cu Chi hazardous solid waste treatment area


45. Waste water treatment facility in the Chan May-Lang Co economic zone


46. Waste Treatment Factory in the west of Tien Giang Pro.


47. Solid-waste Treatment Factory in Vinh Phuc Province


48. High tech Waste Treatment Factory in Bac Son, Soc Son




I.4. Infrastructure of industrial parks


49. Special industrial zone for Japanese companies in the southern Provinces


50. Special industrial zone for Japanese companies in the northern Provinces


51. High Tech Industrial Zone


II. SOCIAL INFRANSTRUCTURE (Education and Training, Healthcare, Tourism, Sports and Culture)

II.1. Education and Training


II.1.1. International Standard University


52. International  University


53. Residential area and International University


54. Nghi Son International Technology University


55. Technology University


56. Yen Binh Green-tech  Park


57. Setting up the national database of land information


58. Software park




II.1.2. Specialized Vocational School


59. Vocational technical College


60. Vocational technical College


61. Technical Training  School


62. Chan May Technical Training  School




II.2. Healthcare Infrastructure System


II.2.1. High quality specialized hospitals


63. Specialized hospitals with  hi-technology for emergency and treatment of non-communicable diseases


64. Binh Dinh Obstetrics-pediatrics hospital


65. Ha Tinh Obstetrics-pediatrics hospital




II.2.2. International standard general hospital


66. International Standard General Hospital


67. Hospitals in  Tan Kien complex




II.2.3. Pharmaceutical and health care equipment manufacture


68. Medicine and medicine material under GMP standard


69. Medical infusion manufacturing under GMP standard




II.3. Tourism, Sports and Culture Infrastructure


70. Da Lat - Dankia Tourism Complex

71. Nui Coc Lake eco-tourism and entertainment complex

III. AGRICULTURE (Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry)


III.1 Agriculture

III.1.1. High tech agriculture complex

72. High-tech Agriculture Complex Number 1

73. High-tech Agriculture Complex Number 2

74. High-tech Agriculture Complex No 3

75   Hi-tech agriculture complex

76. High-tech Agriculture Complex

77. AGOPARK High-tech Agriculture Complex

78. Long Phu high-tech agriculture Complex

79. Moc Chau high-tech agriculture complex

80. Agriculture high-tech application Center


III.1.2. Planting

81. High quality paddy

82. Farms for Seed and plant

83. High quality vegetable and fruits

84. Specialized flower area

85. Phuc Trach grapefruit and Huong Son orange development

86. Organic fertiliser production factory

87. High-grade tea processing

88. Development of bamboo and rattan areas

89. Farms for breed livestock

90. Farming organic vegetable and fruit for export, milk- ranch in Dak Tang

91. Growing coffee

92. Development of Red River seedling centre


III.1.3. Animal husbandry

93. Beef cattle farms

94. Development of concentrated livestock farms

95. Producing breeding and commercial pigs combined with building meat plant for export

96. Development of beef farms

97. Centre of slaughter-house

98. Animal feed processing plant

99. Agricultural technical worker training centre


III.2 Fisheries

100. Fishery centre and industrial clusters for fisheries promotion

101. Shipbuilding plant using new materials

102. Cold water Fish farming

103. Vam Lang fishing port

104. Shrimp processing and hi-tech seafood processing and farming

105. Raft-based fish farming on Son La reservoir

106. Farming and processing sturgeon


III.3 Forestry

107. VINAFOR production plant

108. VINAFOR  plan

109. Industrial timber processing plant

110. Afforestation to supply materials to produce MDF, wood pulp, woodwork

111. Plywood processing plant

112. Building paper production plant

113. Top-grade timber processing plant

114. Development and Reserve The Word’s Biosphere Zone in the west of Nghe An province

115. MDF- VINAFOR Plan



116. Cooling facilities for preserving post-harvest agricultural products and seafood

117. Canned food processing plant

118. Scallop processing plant

119. Plant for processing products from Macadamia fruit and developing material area

120. Developing rice area combined with processing

121. Livestock breeding and processing milk

122. Growing and processing rubber latex

123. Developing material area combined with tea processing Thai Nguyen


 124. South Van Phong oil refinery

125. Producing synthetic rubber (SBR)

126. Plant on sensor manufacture

127. Manufacturing equipment for aviation industry; repair and maintenance of civil aircraft

(Source: Embassy of Vietnam in Washington D.C)