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  Vietnam Report has conducted a survey in January 2014 on the 3,000 largest enterprises of Vietnam and the fastest growing companies in Vietnam.

   In the 2013 survey, 65% of businesses said revenue in 2012 is higher than in  2011, 16% businesses said revenue in 2012 is lower than in 2011. In January 2014 survey, 82% of businesses said their revenue in 2013  higher than in 2012, 6% of businesses said revenue in 2013 is lower than in 2012.

  86% of businesses expect revenue will grow in 2014, 5% of business afraid revenue will decline. 57% of businesses said they would hire more workers. 34.5% businesses can increase revenues in 2014 without hiring more workers. 8.5% of businesses expected to reduce workers.

  63.79% of businesses said they will continue to invest to improve the quality of customer service, expand domestic and foreign markets (59.77%) and human resources development (51.17%).

  Among the business sectors, the minerals, petroleum, metal and iron, steel, building materials industry more optimistic about business trends in 2014. The banking and financial sector less optimistic about business trends in 2014.