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On June 17th, 2015, in Hue City, Vietnam, HueWACO and Yokohama Waterworks Bureau cohosted the “Workshop on Introducing the Advanced Technology of Water Supply” for the “Vietnam-Yokohama Safety Water Supply Management Project” under the JICA partnership program to present and share the advanced waterworks technologies of Private Companies in Vietnam and Japan.

“Vietnam-Yokohama Safety Water Supply Management Project” was conceived by HueWACO and Yokohama Waterworks Bureau, to accelerate the “Water Business Network” among Japanese and Vietnamese partners through the examination and introduction of practical waterworks technologies initiative presented by the Yokohama Water Business Conference and Yokohama Waterworks Bureau for better water supply management of the water supply companies in Vietnam.

It was the first nation widely demonstration in Hue City, to present and share the advanced waterworks technologies of four private companies of Yokohama Water Business Association, such as “Chemical injection control using SCADA System”, “Water Leakage Monitoring Detection utilizing L-sign devices”, “Flexible Pipe Method”, and “Improvement of water purification”. 121 Representatives from 43 organizations, such as Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association, Thua Thien Hue Province, Water Supply Companies in Vietnam and Siem Reap Water Supply Authority have participated in. This Project will implement until November 2016.