Vietnam Government issued Decree No. 154/2016 / ND-CP on environmental protection charges for waste water is 10% non-VAT clean water selling price of 1 m3.

Rates of charges

1. For daily-life waste water, the environmental protection charge rates is 10% non-VAT selling price of 1 m3  (one cubic meter) of clean water. 

2. For daily-life waste water discharged from organizations and households which exploit by themselves water for use (except for households in localities where exists no clean water supply systems), the charge is determined by average amount of water used per person in communes, wards, townships  and selling price of 1 m3  (one cubic meter) of clean water.

3. The environmental protection charge rates applicable to industrial waste water are calculated as follows:

F = f + C, of which:

F means the payable charge;

f means the fixed charge 1,500,000 dong per year;

 C means the altering charge, calculated as follows: Total water volume discharged; Pollution index levels as follow:

ItemNo               Pollution substance calculated charge                    Charge ( VND/ kg)

1                        Chemical oxygen demand (COD)                                2.000

2                        Total suspended solids (TSS)                                     2.400

3                        Mercury (Hg)                                                             20.000.000

4                        Lead (Pb)                                                                  10.000.000

5                       Arsenic (As)                                                               2.000.000

6                       Cadmium (Cd)                                                            2.000.000

 Fees determination

1.  Daily-life waste water:

The charge payable (VND) = Volume of clean water use (m3) x selling price of clean water (VND / m3) x Rates of charges

2. Industrial waste water:

Environmental protection charge for industrial wastewater payable (VND) = amount of waste water discharged (m3) x content of pollutants in waste water (mg / l) x 10-3 x charge rates for industrial wastewater (VND / kg)

This Decree takes effect on 01 Jan 2017.