January 10, 2014, the Prime Minister issued Decision No. 68/QD-TTg approving the National Strategy on Pharmaceutical Development in Vietnam until 2020 and vision to 2030.


1. Provides drug for demand of prevention and treatment with quality assurance, reasonable price, consistent with the disease.

2. Construction pharmaceutical industry, focusing in developing generic production with quality assurance, reasonable price replace imported medicines. Production vaccines, drugs, herbal medicines.

3. Pharmaceutical development towards specialization and modernization, development of delivery drug systems,  professional and standardized.

4. Drug use safety, efficiency and boosting clinical pharmacy operations and pharmacovigilance.

5. Effective management phases of production, export, import, storage, distribution, use.


1. The general objective:

Providing timely, high quality, reasonable price drugs according of disease, economic and social development, ensuring safe use, reasonable. suppling of drugs for social policy, ethnic minorities, the poor, the rural and remote.

2. Objectives until 2020:

1. Provide drug timely for  prevention and treatment of disease.

2. Production is 20% of the demand for drug raw material, domestic drug production accounts for 80% of total drug consumption in years, herbal medicines accounted for 30%, domestic vaccine production to meet 100% of demand for EPI and 30% of the demand for immunization services.

3. 40% of generic medicines have registration numbers for circulation was assessed bioequivalence and bioavailability.

4. 100% store of drug distribution, 100% vaccines testing have Good manufacturing practices (GMP) license.

5. 50% of provincial hospitals have clinical pharmacy department, 50% of district hospitals, private hospitals have clinical pharmacy department.

6. 2.5 pharmacist / 10000 pepole, clinical pharmacists accounted for 30%.

2. Objectives until 2030:

Domestic drugs production meet the demand. Specialized production of specific drugs, vaccines, biologicals for disease prevention, produce drug raw materials. Drug testing, distribution, clinical pharmacy equally advanced countries in the region.

Vietnam business trends in 2014 from 3,000 large enterprises

  Vietnam Report has conducted a survey in January 2014 on the 3,000 largest enterprises of Vietnam and the fastest growing companies in Vietnam.

   In the 2013 survey, 65% of businesses said revenue in 2012 is higher than in  2011, 16% businesses said revenue in 2012 is lower than in 2011. In January 2014 survey, 82% of businesses said their revenue in 2013  higher than in 2012, 6% of businesses said revenue in 2013 is lower than in 2012.

  86% of businesses expect revenue will grow in 2014, 5% of business afraid revenue will decline. 57% of businesses said they would hire more workers. 34.5% businesses can increase revenues in 2014 without hiring more workers. 8.5% of businesses expected to reduce workers.

  63.79% of businesses said they will continue to invest to improve the quality of customer service, expand domestic and foreign markets (59.77%) and human resources development (51.17%).

  Among the business sectors, the minerals, petroleum, metal and iron, steel, building materials industry more optimistic about business trends in 2014. The banking and financial sector less optimistic about business trends in 2014.

Gaming business trends in Vietnam 2014

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 At the end of 2013, looking back the Gamming business trends this year could see the game publishers are making a big transfer of its services.

From webgame to client game

This is the biggest trend in 2013. The publishers buy the hight quality game client instead of "web game" in 2012.
Begin with game Single structure Quest, Nine Yin Chan Kinh, Swordsman 3D version, and the series client game launches repeatedly in later this year as Thien Nu U soul, Warface, King of Soldier, Fever Mix, Peta City ... and the next will be Guenta in 2014.

From PC game to Mobile game

After the successfully of product MCGame Pearl, mobile gaming becomes a dynamic market. Even publishers MCGame also initiated its own terms GMO (Mobile Online Game). The market has attracted a lot of attention from investors and the PC game Publishers.

Game Publishers have added mobile games to their products. From Big company such as VNG, VTC, SGame to small companies such as CMN Entertainment are developing mobile game products. The most players is MCGame, Mecorp, Teamobi ...