Energy Sector Trends in 2014: Lack of investment capital

  According to the Electricity Planning VII, total investment for electricity in period 2011-2030 estimated 123.8 billion USD. In 2011-2020 period was 48.8 billion U.S. dollars and period 2021-2030 is 75 billion dollars.

  In 2013, Vietnam Electricity group has arranged 19.082 billion VND investment in 81 power projects (13,404 billion VND from Vietnam Financial organizations, the rest are foreign-owned), Mr. Nguyen Manh Hung, Director EVNNPT said.

  The electricity consumption of the South is 10.000MW, but the capacity of the Energy Plant is only 8.000MW, and transmission of 2,000 MW from the North. Mr. Pham Le Thanh - Director General of the Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN), said that if the demand for electricity consumption for the South to continue to grow in 2014, up to 11,000 - 11.500MW, it must to find another sources suppliers.

  According to the planning development of the national electricity in the period 2011 - 2020 to 2030 (Electricity Planning VII), the EVN will:
2011-2015: commissioning 34 units of 16 energy projects with a total capacity of 9738 MW;
2016-2020: commissioning 27 units in 13 energy projects with a total capacity of 9,426 MW.
  Total capital investment needs of EVN: about 1.251.500 billion VND.

  Mr. Tran Dinh Long, Vice Chairman of the Electricity of Vietnam, said the ability to arrange capital of EVN only about 20% -30% of the total investment for energy projects.

Biding for Nhon - Hanoi Railway

Vice Chairman of People's Committee of Hanoi, Nguyen Van Khoi, has asked the Project Board of Hanoi Urban Railway send bidding documents package # 2 (railway stations of  projects railway Nhon - Hanoi) before 20/June and bidding documents package 1 (line viaduct) on 25 July to the Donor for comments no objection.

Donors require early review and comment in 15 days after receipt. After consulting the donors, the project shall tender to select contractor bid package No. 2 in November 2012, construction package 1 in December 2012.

For the Package 3 (underground lines and underground station), the Board approved the project, issuing employment records in accordance with the contractor, in the October 2012 short list selections; necessary technical approval - the estimates, bidding documents in 2012, construction package from August / 2013.

Project of urban Nhon - Hanoi Railway, the investment projects in infrastructure scale with the total ODA loans worth 783 million euros, including capital Francais Government loans of 250 million euros , the French Development agency euro 110 million, ADB 220 million euros (293 million USD), the European Investment Bank 73 million euros and reciprocal of Hanoi budget of 130 million euros.

VimpelCom sold his stake in the venture Gtel Mobile

Russia telecommunications company VimpelCom announced 's  sold shares in the joint venture Corporation Global Mobile Communications (Gtel Mobile) provider Beeline network in Vietnam. The deal also means that the Beeline brand will leave Vietnam in the second half of next year.

These shares will be sold to the State Company Limited Transmission and infrastructure services Gtel. This is a subsidiary of Telecom Corporation Global (Gtel) of Vietnam. Transfer rates of VimpelCom shares in Gtel Mobile for partners is U.S. $ 45 million in cash.

VimpelCom also said the share sale deal is launched in Q4 last year, after reviewing the corporate business plan. VimpelCom say business transfer will not cause more losses for them.

VimpelCom announced that Gtel Mobile will terminate the Beeline brand after 6 months of transfer. Beeline is a trademark owned by VimpelCom.

In mid-2011, VimpelCom had announced plans to invest $ 500 million invested in Beeline mobile network to  2013. Then said the company was officially transferred 196 million dollars in venture Gtel Mobile and increase the percentage of shares of shareholders to 49%.