VimpelCom sold his stake in the venture Gtel Mobile

Russia telecommunications company VimpelCom announced 's  sold shares in the joint venture Corporation Global Mobile Communications (Gtel Mobile) provider Beeline network in Vietnam. The deal also means that the Beeline brand will leave Vietnam in the second half of next year.

These shares will be sold to the State Company Limited Transmission and infrastructure services Gtel. This is a subsidiary of Telecom Corporation Global (Gtel) of Vietnam. Transfer rates of VimpelCom shares in Gtel Mobile for partners is U.S. $ 45 million in cash.

VimpelCom also said the share sale deal is launched in Q4 last year, after reviewing the corporate business plan. VimpelCom say business transfer will not cause more losses for them.

VimpelCom announced that Gtel Mobile will terminate the Beeline brand after 6 months of transfer. Beeline is a trademark owned by VimpelCom.

In mid-2011, VimpelCom had announced plans to invest $ 500 million invested in Beeline mobile network to  2013. Then said the company was officially transferred 196 million dollars in venture Gtel Mobile and increase the percentage of shares of shareholders to 49%.

increase medical fees from May 2012

The Government of Vietnam has approved the guidelines and plans to increase medical fees by the joint Ministry of Health - Finance - MOLISA proposed. Expected February the adjusting hospital fees will be issued. Expected that by May, the hospital fees will be applied.

The Government also requested the Ministry of Health needs to ensure balance for health insurance fund (as assessed by the Vietnam Social Insurance, the hospital fee increase will cause additional expenses to fund health insurance from 6000-7000 billion VND / year).

The increase in hospital fees will impact on patients and the poor do not have health insurance (co-payment to 5%). So, in the notice of the Government offices when increased hospital fee, for the poor, the family still maintains the co-payment policy fee (from 5 to 20% ).

The increase in hospital fees this time will applly to more than 400 services (higher than 350 services compared to previous drafts). The adjustment hospital fees higher than the fee issued by decision No. 14 in 1995 and some in 2006 by the Ministry of Health from 2 to 5 times, there are more than 10 times. The distance minimum - maximum price of medical services is only 5% range, instead of 100-300% as before.

Vietnam Social Insurance is proposing to increase rates from 4.5 insured / monthly minimum wage to $ 5% / month minimum salary.

Trends in selected sectors are changing

The survey from the Ministry of Education and Training website show that more than 60% of respondents said that the hottest industries today is financial, banking, business administration.

In 2011 there were nearly 300 fields of study enrollment was held at 475 higher education establishments and colleges with about 5,027 branches (53% university degree and 47% college).

Admission Results for the last three years business is still highest ranking in the choice of candidates. However, the rate of 10.98% candidates in the business sector in 2011 has decreased rather than the 12.4% rate of students in 2010.

Candidates in this medicine increased 1.2 times in 2010, from position 10 to position 7 in the ranking; food processing industry, food and beverages increased 1.6 times in 2010, from position 17 to position 8 in the group of the most candidates selected sectors.

The following category of candidates increases from 2010 to 2011: Accounting - Auditing (8.4% -9.0%), law (2.8% -3.0%), technology engineering (1.8% -2.6%), electrical engineering, electronics and telecommunications (1.7% -1.9%) and health services (1.6% -1.8%) .

By the way, the number of candidates in information technology decreasedmore than 1 / 3 compared with 2009 , from position 7 to position 13. Along with business administration, information technology is in the top five majors are the most selected candidates but have decreased from 2009 to 2011.