FinanceAsia Country Awards 2019

The Winners from Vietnam

Best Bank: Vietcombank.

Best Investment Bank: SSI

Best Broker: SSI

Best DCM House: Techcom Securities

Best ECM House: SSI

Best International Bank: HSBC

Best International Investment Bank: Credit Suisse.


Vietnam e-business index 2019

According to the "Vietnam E-Business Index 2019" reportof Vietnam E-Commerce Association,  Vietnam E-Business starting point of about 4 billion USD in 2015 but average growth rate for three consecutive years, the scale of the e-commerce market in 2018 was about 7.8 billion USD. If the growth rate of 2019 and 2020 continues to be at 30%, by 2020 the market size will have reached 13 billion USD. This market included online retailing, online travelling, online marketing, online entertainment and online shopping for other digitized services and products.

Decision No. 16/2019/QD-TTg: vehicle emission standards and fuel quality roadmap

28 March 2019, the Prime Minister issued Decision No. 16/2019/QD-TTg to apply vehicle emission standards and fuel quality roadmap. Accordingly:

- Vehicle use internal combustion compression-ignition engines produced before 1999 apply level 1 - TCVN 6438: 2018 standard.

- Vehicle use internal combustion compression-ignition engines produced between 1999 and the end 2008,  apply level 2 - TCVN 6438: 2018 standard, from 1 January 2021.

- Vehicle use internal combustion compression-ignition engines produced after 2008,  apply level 2 - TCVN 6438: 2018 standard, from 1 Jan 2020.

The Decision takes effect from 15 May 2019.