One more port to handle import of vehicles

The MoIT has proposed to allow one more port — Nghi Son Terminals — to handle import of cars/vehicles under 16 seats, taking the total number to 5.

Vietnam EC225 for mission rescue Vietship 01 ship


EC 225 of Vietnam Helicopter Corporation North. Brigadier pilot Tran Quang Tuan. 

Airborne search and rescue team: Lieutenant Colonel Cao Anh Duong, Senior Lieutenant Tang Ba Trung - Vietnam National Center for Aviation Search Rescue and Training. 


Australia and Vietnam first Combat Shooting Skills Training Exchange


Australia and Vietnam have recently completed their first Combat Shooting Skills Training Exchange activity.

In this new area of defence cooperation, Australian Army instructors coached a group of 50 Vietnam People’s Army (VPA) soldiers to master new skills and techniques using their service pistols and rifles, over 10 days of intensive training.


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