Circular No. 33/2018/ TT-BTNMT guidance for oil spill response

By Trendnex

The Vietnamese Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has published a circular 33/2018/TT–BTNMT dated 26 December 2018 to regulate marine oil spill cleanup and recovery efforts. The circular includes 4 chapters 21 articles of regulation, including: investigation and assessment of environmental pollution levels, monitoring and evaluation of plan implementation.

According to the circular, a preliminary investigation on the level of pollution will have to be made within the first 10 days after the report of an oil spill. If the investigation concludes that the level of oil in the water is higher than national standards, a more detailed assessment on environmental damage will have to be completed 20 days after the initial results. Organizations and individuals only have to make plans to overcome oil spill incidents when  if the area of the pollution is 25% more than the overall area under assessment. 

The circullar will apply with effect from 12 March 2019. 

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