MobiFone have the highest business performance in Vietnam

According V1000 2012 - top 1000 corporate income tax in Vietnam by Vietnam Assessment Corporation (Vietnam Report), in  top 10 highest iincome tax corporate have 3 corporate telecommunications, it is MobiFone, VNPT and Viettel.

In the telecommunications business, MobiFone impressive record by taxpayers 2nd in the rankings V1000 2012. For years, MobiFone mobile network is considered as the most efficient operation. By the end of 2011, the average labor productivity of employees MobiFone 6.7 billion VND / person / year. Labor productivity of employees MobiFone more than 5 times higher than the average of VNPT and about 1.5 times higher than Viettel.

According to new data published by the Ministry of Information & Communications, MobiFone is the average revenue per subscriber highest (about 4 - 5USD / subcriber). This number of MobiFone network is higher than the number 2nd and 3rd mobile operators in Vietnam from 1 - 2 USD / subscribers. Return on equity of MobiFone highest is 49.7%. According to statistics from VNPT, MobiFone only 4% of the labor force, but account for 40% of revenue and 50% profit from the corporation.


Hitachi offers nuclear technology in Vietnam

At Vietnam Energy Expo 2012, Mr. Junichi Kawahata, deputy general director of nuclear projects, Hitachi power Systems company said: After Japan was chosen as a partner for building a second nuclear power plant in Ninh Thuan, Hitachi has set up a Nuclear Power Project in Vietnam.

Hitachi is offering nuclear technology boiling light water generation 3 + (ABWR), there is resistance to earthquake, tsunami, such as Fukushima in March - in 2011. "Through the lessons learned from accidents Fukushima, our research, technology improvements. ABWR is the generation 3 +, is considered the most advanced current failure rate of incidents in the oven for at least the mind ever on boiling water reactors "- say Hitachi representatives.

The Hitachi is looking for partners to build the plant from Vietnam's enterprises. Hitachi is also coordinating with the Hanoi Polytechnic University to train human resources for process plant operators.

Google Maps suddenly stop supporting route in Vietnam

3 days ago, Google Maps Vietnam can not use the directions feature (from point A to point B) on Google Map's services. In conducting the search the distance traveled, users in Vietnam only get a message "We can not calculate get directions from ... to ... ". This situation occurs not only on the Google Maps web service, but also for applications running on mobile devices, smartphones and tablets.

on Google Maps project, the application programming interface (API) feature on Google Maps directions in Vietnam was not to continue support by Google. This may explain why the feature was not valid in the territory of Vietnam.

4,700 billion dong for insurance Vinasat-2

Telecommunications Group Vietnam (VNPT) has signed an insurance contract worth 4,700 billion VND for Vinasat-2.

The two partners is Postal Insurance (PTI) and the Vietnamese Insurance (BaoViet). In particular, the responsibility of the PTI ratio was 70% and BaoViet is 30% of contract value.
Vinasat-2 by Lockheed Martin (U.S.) production, use A2100A frame technology. 15 May 2012 Vinasat-2 will be launched by rockets Arian 5 (France) from the launching pad Kuru (French Guiana).

Viettel targets 140,000 billion in revenue in 2012

Military Telecom Corporation (Viettel) February 20, said revenue targets over 140,000 billion in 2012. Viettel also strive to achieve profits of over 22,000 billion. Group will take another 2 new licenses in foreign markets, Mozambique and Peru, earned U.S. $ 650-700 million, up 45% over 2011. Past 2011, although the economy is affected and face many difficulties, Viettel is still 28% revenue growth, reaching over 117,000 billion, profit of 20.000 billion.