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At Vietnam Energy Expo 2012, Mr. Junichi Kawahata, deputy general director of nuclear projects, Hitachi power Systems company said: After Japan was chosen as a partner for building a second nuclear power plant in Ninh Thuan, Hitachi has set up a Nuclear Power Project in Vietnam.

Hitachi is offering nuclear technology boiling light water generation 3 + (ABWR), there is resistance to earthquake, tsunami, such as Fukushima in March - in 2011. "Through the lessons learned from accidents Fukushima, our research, technology improvements. ABWR is the generation 3 +, is considered the most advanced current failure rate of incidents in the oven for at least the mind ever on boiling water reactors "- say Hitachi representatives.

The Hitachi is looking for partners to build the plant from Vietnam's enterprises. Hitachi is also coordinating with the Hanoi Polytechnic University to train human resources for process plant operators.