Vietnam air defence fire exercise

Air Defense-Air Force Army of Vietnam has co-fire large exercise vfrom 1 to 5 December.

The People's Army Newpaper said the firing exercises held in TB1 in Luc Ngan district, Bac Giang province, is the place where the Air Defense usually hold live firing drills.

Maneuvers are said to be the best scale ever, lasting nearly a week.

According to newspaper there job "training test results in 2011 for missile units, air defense artillery, missiles ZCY-23, ammunition test fired missiles C125-2 Tm  and target training for air defense mission C-300 ".

Especially, the first modern missile system S-300 was put into participating.

The exercise with the participation of high radiation team 57mm cannon and ZCY-23 assault guns.

But the main activity is exercise missile was held on Sunday 4 December, with two missiles to destroy C75 and C125-2 Tm was taken out of the acceptance.

C125-C125 2 Tm is the kind of Russia has been improved by Vietnam.

This is the second time in the Air Defense-Air Force to hold a practice firing.

Last time was end of March, in order to "test missile weapons and ammunition in the weapons program improvements and equipment of combat."

The firing activity is important during the upgrade and modernization capacity defense.

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