SU-152 air defense artillery simulation training devices

"Research design and manufacture cabin crew training simulation SU-152 anti-aircraft guns" project by Major Gen. Nguyen Van Con, Army artillery commander and Colonel and Associate Professor Nguyen Hoang Nam (Military Technical Academy) chaired. The system consists of two parts: Part 1 simulated air defense artillery SU-152 consists of 2 compartments driving simulator and fire simulator. Part 2 is the command center, setting the fire exercises, driving exercises, and monitoring ... SU-152 simulation training systems is built from 3 parts: The mechanical devices, electrical - electronics devices and simulation software. The simulation software can support teachers implement building training exercises (exercises chosen and construction situations file, save all files in the database), display target area section, battlefield area, driving practice area in the form of 3D images and allows monitoring of the training results.

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