United States Secretary of Defense visit Cam Ranh military port

Today Mr. Leon Panetta visited USNS Richard E. Byrd, was being repaired at Cam Ranh port, start three-day visit to Vietnam. This is the most senior officials of the United States to Cam Ranh Port since the Vietnam war. Mr. Panetta said the U.S. wanted to expand and develop cooperative relations with Vietnam. In particular, the United States wants to work with the government of Vietnam maritime focus in marine, developing the South China Sea Code of Conduct (COC). Talking about the new defense strategy of the United States in Asia Pacific, U.S. Defence Secretary said that one important element of military strategy is to help America's ability to respond more quickly and easily deployed. "Therefore the coporate use of port is a very important between the countries, including Vietnam, will help fast-moving ships from the U.S. West Coast to Asia Pacific," Mr. Panetta said. "U.S. Navy ship could reach as Vietnam port is an important part of the defense relationship between the two countries, and we can see enormous potential to do this in Vietnam. " According to new strategy which he said yesterday at the International Conference on Advanced Security Asia in Singapore, then in the next decade the U.S. will deploy 60% of its naval ships to Asia Pacific, instead of rate of 50% today.

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