Start of upgrading Binh Hung sewage treatment plant

7 February 2015, Civil Work Construction Investment Management Authority of Ho Chi Minh City and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has started package of upgrading Binh Hung sewage treatment plant from 141,000 m3 / day to 469,000 m3/day. The package is a part of projects to improve wastewater canal TauHu - BenNghe - KenhDoi - KenhTe stage 2.
The package to expand and improve the capacity of the Binh Hung  seawage treatment plant in collecting and processing wastewater in 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 11 district with an area about 2,150 hectares.

The total construction value of package is 2,800 billion VND, in 54-months and will be completed in August 2019 operation.

Diabetes increasing in Vietnam

If Vietnam have only 2.7% of people with diabetes in 2002, the figure is 5.7% people with diabetes in 2012, increased hight compared to world.

According to the 2012 survey of Nutrition Center of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam have 5.7% diabetic patients and the 12.8 glucose tolerance disorders.

Eastern region Mekong Delta have diabetes rate is 6% and glucose tolerance disorders was 17.5%, the highest in the country.

Proposal for testing the 'red light district' in Vietnam

Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs Ho Chi Minh city said it has proposed to the city People's Committee a plan established "the red light district" to reduce the illegal status of prostitution.
According to Mr. Le Van Quy, Deputy Social Evils Prevention said the situation of sex workers in the city had reached serious levels. At least 15 thousand prostitutes to practice many different ways that the police can not track or capture. With the Internet boom sex workers can go online to communicate with the buyer in a discreet and safe. The number of prostitutes abroad can not control more and more.

Japanese train Vietnamese nurses

November 28, Department of Management of Overseas Labor (Labor and Social Affairs) held the opening ceremony of the Japanese language training for 150 nurses, nurse under VJEPA program.

150 nurses will be teaching Japanese before coming to Japan to work. Japan will support the entire cost of the course fees, accommodation, living expenses for the candidates. The Japanese teachers from the School of ARC Academy Japanese (Japan).

Under this program, Japan will invest 427 million yen (approximately U.S. $ 6 million) to support Vietnamese candidates nursing training.

Japanese Ambassador to Vietnam, Mr. Tanizaki Yasuaki Japan said that Japan is frequent shortage of 50,000 nurses. In addition, Japan is one of the countries with the most rapid population aging in the world, estimated over the next 10 years will need to from 400000-600000 nurse care of elderly people. So Japan needs are recruiting nurses from Vietnam to Japan to work. "

Vietnamese obesity

September 19, Dr. Le Danh Tuyen, Deputy Director of the National Nutrition Institute - said Per Vietnamese people eat more than 30kg of meat / year, less than 16 kg compared to the world average. However, the percentage of obese people tends to increase.

Percentage of children under 5 years of age were overweight was 5.6%, more than six times higher than in 2000, in which obese boys more than girls.In the city, the percentage of obese children half in rural areas. This trend also held for adults at a rate of 5.6%, concentrated in the age group 50 to 60.

According to the National Institute of Nutrition, in 10 years the diet of Vietnamese families have significantly modified.Rice accounts for 66.4% of the diet, fell by nearly 20%; instead of meat, milk, eggs, accounting for nearly 25% of the diet, an increase of nearly 17% compared to 10 years ago.