Program in November: "Winter Love song"

Program in November: "Winter Love song"
The program includes songs about winter and love shown by the young vocalist, lyrical and graduated from Vietnam National Academy of Music".

Place: "Ca khúc trữ tình Club", 19 Ngoc Ha Str, Hanoi. (Inside HoChiMinh museum)
Fee: 100,000 VND / person (including 01 drinks)
Reservations: Phone: 0915249209. Email: cakhuctrutinh @

List of work performed:

1. Bây giờ tháng mấy (Từ Công Phụng)
2. Chiếc lá cuối cùng (Tuấn Khanh)
3. Nỗi nhớ mùa đông (Phú Quang)
4. Một ngày mùa đông (Bảo Chấn)
5. Sầu đông (Khánh Băng)
6. Đêm nằm mơ phố (Việt Anh)

7. Dàn nhạc chơi

8. Em ơi Hà Nội phố (Phú Quang)
9. Hà Nội mùa vắng những cơn mưa (Trương Quý Hải)
10. Mùa đông của anh (Trần Thiện Thanh)
11. Xin gọi tên nhau (Lệ Thu)
12. Nơi tình yêu bắt đầu (Tiến Minh)

13. Khán giả tham gia biểu diễn

14. Chờ đông (Trần Thiện Thanh)
15. Hà Nội đêm mùa đông (Hoàng Phúc Thắng)
16. Những mùa đông yêu dấu (Đỗ Bảo)
17. Gửi nắng cho em (Phạm Tuyên)

18. Khán giả tham gia biểu diễn

19. Chiều đông Matxcova (Phú Quang)
20. Niệm khúc cuối (Ngô Thụy Miên)
21. Mặt trời của tôi (Nhạc nước ngoài)
22. Mùa đông sẽ qua (Huy Tuấn)
23. Xa rồi mùa đông (Nhạc nước ngoài)
24. Con đường mầu xanh (Trịnh Nam Sơn)

Decree No. 60/2014/ND-CP of the Government about printing activity

19 June 19 2014, the Government issued Decree No. 60/2014/ND-CP about printing activity regulations.

Decree have 3 Chapter.

Chapter I: General including 10 Article: Scope of regulation; State Policies for printing; print management activities; The mission of the Ministry of Information and Communications; Responsibilities of ministries, ministerial-level agencies in managing operations in; The mission of the People's Committee of print management activities; reports; These acts are prohibited; violations.

Chapter II, 20 Articles:
facility conditions; Licensing; Eligibility for prepress, post-press; printing, post-press press; printing invoice, cards; printing anti-counterfeit stamps; printing packaging, labels; printing for foreign countries; Cooperative printing establishments; photocopy services; Responsibilities of photocopying facility; Imports of printing equipment; Management printing equipment.

Chapter III, 3 Article 3: Effectiveness, Implementation responsibilities.

The decree 60 will effect from November 2014, Printing enterprises must have to respond many conditions, sub-license for printing service and import printing machine. This is the first time photocopying services are conditional business.
For example, must have the lisence to imported printing equipment, printing businesses must control the printing content, the head of the enterprise must have a college degree or higher in printing industry, prohibit printing partnership, every six months reporting, printing facility move out of residential areas etc. ...




VTV purchase 2014 World Cup broadcasting rights for $ 7 million

May 12, VTV's representation confirmation of the agreement with MP & Silva to purchase World Cup 2014 broadcasting rights. The price of World Cup 2014 broadcasting rights is $ 7 million, more than 3 times World Cup 2010 broadcasting rights.

"Gold Price" is the most searched keyword in Vietnam 2013

According to Google Trend 2013, the most searched keyword in  Vietnam is "gold price", followed by "Gangnam Style", intelligent robotic cat 'Doraemon".

In the technology field, in 2013, the "iPhone 5" is Vietnamese most searched. Next is a Nokia "Lumia 520", iPhone 4S in third place.

About search-related brand, Honda is the most searched brand name. Then the mobile phone company Nokia. The next position is Yamaha, Samsung and supermarkets Co.opmart.

MMA Forum Vietnam 2013: Deconstructing Mobile

MMA Forum Vietnam 2013: Deconstructing Mobile


Join us at MMA Forum Vietnam brought to you by MMA and Goldsun Focus Media.


Over the past few years the MMA Forum has established itself as the premier event for marketers in Asia who want to fully embrace, utilize and execute marketing campaigns that truly allow them to meet and exceed their marketing objectives. As mobile devices continue to evolve with new and powerful technologies there are new and exciting opportunities for marketers to disrupt the traditional approaches to marketing and hence we have themed this year’s event as ‘Deconstructing Mobile.’


With representation from across the mobile marketing landscape, including senior marketing executives of major brands, mobile specific and traditional agencies, operators, technology enablers and others, this event is the place to be understand best practices in mobile marketing, connecting and learning from experts and peers in the industry and hear first-hand future opportunities for marketing using the mobile media channel.


So get ready to roll up your sleeves, come together and work to figure out the most pressing issues facing your business today. Whether it is growth acceleration, privacy, building effective marketing strategies, measurement, mCommerce, research, creative or all of the above expect to be immersed in dialogue, solutions and plotting the future.


For Marketers: Participate in Marketer only programming including education, discussions and a feedback loop to the industry and what you need to be successful. Network with your peers and learn from the experts.


For Agencies: Become experts for your clients - guide them in developing a winning mobile strategy and be part of leading the future.


For Media Companies, Technology Companies and Operators: Take a seat at the table and don't leave the future up to others!


Be inspired by provocative speakers, build new partnerships, network with your peers, and be prepared to walk away wondering when you can return for 2014!




Pricing and Packages


2013 MMAF Vietnam Prices (US dollars)Discount RateMMA Member RatesNon-Member Rates
Regular Registration   0% $170 $200
Early Bird August
(01 Aug - 31 Aug)
1 person  30% $119 $140
Group from 2 to 4 people 35% $111 $130
Group from 5 people or more 40% $102 $120
Early Bird September
(01 Sep - 30 Sep)
1 person  20% $136 $160
Group from 2 to 4 people 25% $128 $150
Group from 5 people or more 30% $119 $140
Early Bird October
(01 Oct - 15 Oct)
1 person  15% $145 $170
Group from 2 to 4 people 20% $136 $160
Group from 5 people or more 25% $128 $150




Intercontinental Asiana Saigon
Corner of Hai Ba Trung, St. & Le Duan Bl
Ho Chi Minh
Tel: +84 8 3520 9999