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Viettel is licensed cable TV services

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Viettel  is licensed to provide cable television service by Vietnam MIC (Ministry of Information and Communication), promises to be a formidable competitor of VCTV currently holds over 70% market share.

The application television cable of Viettel has caused a lot of controversy. Pay-TV Association Vietnam has submitted documents to the National Assembly and the Government take against Viettel to provide cable television services. The reason is Viettel have advantages large capital and  telecommunications infrastructure.

According to statistics, Vietnam has about 3 million cable TV subscribers, representing 15% of households in the country. Most markets in the hands of Vietnam Television (VTV).

In the past 3 years, Vietnam Cable Television (VCTV) increased monthly subscription price 3 times - the rise of a rare type of service is considered essential to the people.

MIC said licenses to provide cable TV services of Viettel in effect until 2018.