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Decree No. 60/2014/ND-CP of the Government about printing activity

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19 June 19 2014, the Government issued Decree No. 60/2014/ND-CP about printing activity regulations.

Decree have 3 Chapter.

Chapter I: General including 10 Article: Scope of regulation; State Policies for printing; print management activities; The mission of the Ministry of Information and Communications; Responsibilities of ministries, ministerial-level agencies in managing operations in; The mission of the People's Committee of print management activities; reports; These acts are prohibited; violations.

Chapter II, 20 Articles:
facility conditions; Licensing; Eligibility for prepress, post-press; printing, post-press press; printing invoice, cards; printing anti-counterfeit stamps; printing packaging, labels; printing for foreign countries; Cooperative printing establishments; photocopy services; Responsibilities of photocopying facility; Imports of printing equipment; Management printing equipment.

Chapter III, 3 Article 3: Effectiveness, Implementation responsibilities.

The decree 60 will effect from November 2014, Printing enterprises must have to respond many conditions, sub-license for printing service and import printing machine. This is the first time photocopying services are conditional business.
For example, must have the lisence to imported printing equipment, printing businesses must control the printing content, the head of the enterprise must have a college degree or higher in printing industry, prohibit printing partnership, every six months reporting, printing facility move out of residential areas etc. ...