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Institute of the General Armament Department of Defense Industry of Vietnam has successfully made sizes 40mm grenade launcher.

The scientific staff of the Institute of Armament (General Department of Defense Industry) completed the study design, trial manufacture of hand-held grenade launcher loader revolver type size 40mm MGL Mk-1 grenade launcher.

The trial-manufactured product include grenade launchers and optical viewfinder RDS sync type. Gun weighs 6.3 kg; revolvers contain up to 6 rounds, firing rate 18 rounds per minute, loader automatically. Guns used to be the size 40mm ammunition as the M406 bullet, fire smoke M79T ...

Grenade launcher to fire semi-automatic revolver type size 40mm MGLis using popular because of advantages such as high-speed shooting, big powerful, compact structure, which can be equipped for personal use in accordance with division-level units.



12-01-2018 ビジネス動向 Trendnex - avatar Trendnex

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