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25-06-2018 Chinese Trendnex - avatar Trendnex

By Trendnex 三星加強越南製造業 在2018年5月29日,三星越南管理委員會訪問並評估了6家越南企業參與三星專家聯合開發諮詢計劃的諮詢結果。上市公司包括:4P有限公司(紅顏),Postef郵電通信設備公司(Bac Ninh)和Me Tran電器有限公司(Vinh Phuc)(同奈),TBM-...

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Currently one of our client is looking to get in touch with experts to understand the Automotive Industry in Vietnam. They are seeking to understand the costs and the timeline overview of the plant set-up broken down on the different shops: Press shop, paint shop, powertrain, assembly from the following Western OEMs : BMW, Mercedes, VW, Audi, Porsche, Toyota, Renault, Honda, GM, PSA, FCA, Ford, Magna, Dürr.

We would request you to provide us with references of your colleagues/aquaintances who are in this industry and would be interested to share their thoughts through a paid telephonic consultation. 

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